Friday, 1 April 2011

Embrocation - the key to winter and spring survival?

Winter is over, well, at least in other parts of the world. Outside my window, the snow is still 25 cm high. But the roads are now free from snow, revealing the tarmac I have been waiting for. In a previous post, I described why winter cycling is so important, not only to log those important base-miles, but also because we celebrates the psychological aspects of the sport. We are students of will, determination and suffering.

Winter and spring are special in many aspects, many people have discovered (or studied through trying and failing..) what can be done to make sure we stay on our pedals through bad weather. Different creams, oils and salves have really increased in popularity the last years. Some are just to help restitution, some for massage and feel, others for warmth. Ingredients like lavendel, eucalyptus and chamomile gives a nice smell too. Some manufactures use fauna from Ventoux as well, sounds a bit close to, or other the edge to me, but since I haven't tried it, I won't stand firm.
Stimulating the blood circulation prepares the muscles and gives you a warming sensation. That sensation will help to keep you warmer while the sun is still low on the horizon. Just remember to have an eye on the clock while you warm-up, the feeling of heat in your muscles can fool you and make you believe you're ready to pedal all out way before you actually are...

So there are no excuse to celebrate yourself and those hard men and women before you now. Get outside and enjoy the ride.

You can also make it yourself, the people at La Gazzetta Della Bici, in addition to make and sell good embrocation, have also a recipe for people to make chamois creme at home, perhaps can you do some R&D on your own? Along with the sale increase, the prices for embrocation are quite high, money can be saved.

Here are some of the embrocation out there:

La Gazzetta Della Bici - Verde.

Rapha's winter embrocation 

Northwestern knee warmers - great blog with tips and how-to here

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