Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cycling in the winter wonder land

I used to love winter. Being out in the cold, training cross country skiing or thundering down a ski slope. After all, Norwegians are born with skis on their feet they say. Well, I'm not so fan of winter any more. If it derives from the fact that I am older and not play outside I don't know. Could be my interest in cycling as well, I have stated that I will reside in Nice or around there. Partly because it is nice and warm, partly because I can bring my bike. A great combo.

As you can imagine I like cycling a lot. This year I bought meself a turbo, installed it in the basement and have been using it. I find it slightly boring I must admit, but it is better than not riding at all. I also can look at some movies or follow one of the DVDs that followed the package from Evans.
But I have been feeling rather angry and disappointed by meself reading stuff on twitter, like: "just came back from a 2 hrs easy spin outside" or  "the essence of cycling is found outside now folks!". And the worst is that many of these don't even live in the Southern part of France or in Mallorca for that matters, they who do don't count and they don't get free points for winter training. No no, these people live in "winterly" places, Britain, Canada, Germany, Belgium or Norway.

So I have decided to buy some wheels with spikes for training outside, even if I have to buy meself a new wardrobe. My Rapha kit is spring/summer/autumn-only... I will have to use my MTB for winter training but so be it. I'll pack some kilometres in the legs anyway, and winter is long here. I rode my final outdoor ride on my roadbike early in November, still the snow will be here until April.

But there are those who fight the cold here a long way from the south of France. At the same time logging those essential kilometres. Actually, a Norwegian guy got selected during the annual Rapha festive 500.

Check out some of the winners here, the rest of the winners know who you are. Chapeau.

Rapha has a nice article here as well, take a look!

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