Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What to wear in urban traffic

Along with the increased interest for cycling world wide, comes injuries and accidents. One could argue that many people who commute on a daily basis don't pay enough attention to traffic, that be the cyclists' ffail to give the proper attention needed, or others in traffic makes errors. Either way, cycling is a social interaction with others and who if not we should follow the traffic rules and assume no one else does?

Being a cyclist I pay interest to other cyclists, what bike they have, what gear they have. What struck me today was the extreme difference in clothing and from a safety perspective; how little visible some are in traffic. Some commute wearing the same outfit they do on work, others change into their cycling kit. Much can easily be done to be more visible in traffic. I can almost hear some saying: "why should I have to wear bright yellow or orange jacket, or wear a helmet on the short way to job?" 

Well, the same answer applies when it comes to wearing seat belts in cars; There are others out there. It doesn't matter how good you are to ride a bike or drive your car, your safety depends on others. Don't know about you but I've seen some drivers in desperate need of getting their sugar level up on their way home for dinner.

Here are some pictures I took today, sorry for the lack of quality, they were taken with my iPhone. My point should be clear though. See the difference between those cyclists who wear colorful clothing and not. And no, this doesn't mean you should stop wearing your black/grey Rapha kit, you could buy the pink one too. There are cool kit in colors out there.

Stay safe.

See the cyclist in the middle of the picture long way back, wearing bright yellow compared to the person crossing the road.

This guy will have no problems getting spotted in crossroads.

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