Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter break

Not many posts lately, I know. I could have prepared my posts weeks in advance and auto-posted but I didn't, so for those of you who really looked forward to read a new post every day I'm sorry to disappoint you.

To my defence, I have been on my bike during the holidays. A good excuse from where I'm sitting... Felt very good to ride road after road, my wife accompanied me too. Nice to log some base kilometers early in the Spring.

Even managed to meet Edvald Boasson Hagen one day, he comes from a village close to my hometown and he looked good on the bike, of course dressed the part in his Team Sky kit. His speed was quite good to, remember he broke three ribs during E3 a mere week ago. Hard as nails these PROs. We said "hello" and continued on our respective rides since we rode in opposite directions. Not a good time to ask a PRO questions either.

So, I will start posting again now, lots of things to look into; of course Old Pat has been busy this week, Gilbert's stunning wins, rumours have already starting to spread about him. Also the Giro is coming fast. Many good things to write about.

See you.

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