Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Training with very high cadence

The internet is flooded with people giving training advice, what to eat when and what to wear while you work out. Much have been said and written on how you should keep your cadence. There are differences of course, depending on what you are training towards. Beside keeping a very strong and solid base of endurance capability, you should vary your work out. Especially important when those oh-so-important-base-miles are in the box.

And variety in training on a bike means not only changing environment like rolling hills, or climbs, but also a change in cadence. One could argue that changing area will naturally mean change of cadence but that is a subject I'm not going to dive in to.

Steady-State, intervals and time trial are examples of exercises that need different sets of cadence.

The guy on this video has a workout all right, I'm mighty impressed by his cadence although I'm not sure I recommend that frequency to others...

You might want to keep the sound a bit low, it has a funny metallish sound...


  1. As an Old Age Pensioner just taking up cycling, I am finding it tough enough just getting to that core level..but even then, one can follow the advice given, but just do it at a lower intensity level. I find the hardest thing is just keeping to a steady cadence irrespective of the terrain

  2. Ash: Two of the mistakes people often tend to do is this: believe steady state cadence is easy pedaling and they don't use their gear enough. I am not saying you're doing any of these, since the key is, as you correctly mention, to follow advice but do it at a lower intensity level.

    Last year I found myself too focused on bpm and cadence, my eyes locked on to the computer while cycling. This year feel will take it's place. More or less that is...

    The guy in the video certainly has found his cadence...

  3. ..not using the gears enough to keep cadence steady was my problem..hopefully now i recognize it, things will improve.

    I was expecting the video guy to collapse with a burst heart!