Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Team Luxembourg showdown

Tomorrow the world get to see the mythical and mysterious PRO team everybody has been talking about. What to expect? According to Brian Nygaard's twitterfeed, the riders will be equipped with brand new suits. Those who look forward to see the Schlecks hanging from the roof wearing leopard-underwear will probably be disappointed. The team kit will be presented along with bikes and cars. The sponsors will guaranteed be there with a show, carefully orchestrated.

Ken Sommer, the marketing manager of the Luxembourg pro cycling project, is an experienced man when it comes to marketing matters. Remember how much praise PRO team Cervelo got the last seasons for it's openness, and fan-access? Guess who was the guy staging that? Yep, Ken Sommer. Nygaard says on cyclingnews, that the team will "break with tradition" and do something spectacular, "American style". The presentation will take place in front of 4000 fans. That is something else all right. Don't know if there will be hallelujahs and standing ovation inside, but pretty close I reckon.

So what's in a name? Even though Jacob Fuglesang somehow "leaked" the name of the team to be "Team Leopard" along with the jersey some time ago, this can be altered tomorrow. After all, I guess Nygaard and Sommer want the show to be remembered.

For live stream, go to tomorrow at 20:00 (European time that is).

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