Saturday, 2 July 2011

That was what I call racing

A superb finish - as usual

Photo: AFP, downloaded here.

What a stage, it had everything. Temperature, nerve and racing. That last 1 km was just great. A much anticipated win for Gilbert, Evans was someone few had called their bookies about, but it in the holy name of retrospect it's easy to say he should be a favourite.

Sadly for Contador, he lost precious time to his fiercest rivals; A. Schleck, Evans, Basso and Wiggo. Varies people have commented this, in favour of and against Contador. If Contador didn't participate in the Giro, 1:20 isn't that much, but with some uncertainty connected with his form, it's hard to say. It's fair to say that the previous mentioned favourites will not let Contador get his seconds back easy, that's for sure.

It is easy to say that the 3km rule is foolish when your favourite rider is caught at the wrong end, just as it easy to say it has a function when your rider is at the right end. The rule has a function in flat sprints, as history shows people taking odd and dangerous manoeuvres to gain a better position. At a uphill sprint like today, it isn't that important. The rules are clear and there are stages that we know the 3km rule not will be applied.

The jerseys are sorted out, the most funny result is that Hushovd will be in the KOM-jersey. Geraint Thomas from Sky did a superb job and nailed the white. He continues to improve every year, what a rider. Evans in green and Gilbert of course, switching his Belgian tricolour for yellow.

This Tour is already getting unpredictable, and today we saw some of the finest racing I've seen in years. What a start, may it continue to filled of great racing.

Tomorrow, we'll see a change in the GC. My tip is either Hushovd or Thomas in yellow, as their respective teams are better in TTT.    

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