Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cervelo's new superbike

Cervelo S5 FM70

Photo by Kristoffer Øverlie Andersen, downloaded here

The cycling industry is working overtime these days, prior to the tour. They produce new kit and kit with the special colour, in case a rider find himself in green or yellow. Some even produce a new bike. The Cervelo S5 has been rumoured to be in stores for some time, and eager fans have hoped to see it in bikestores tout de suite.

During the Norwegian National RR Championship, reigning WC Hushovd was using a somewhat special bike. It didn't look like a S3. @euanlinsay tweeted first about the bike being approved by the UCI, and I followed the race closely to find out more. And a nice bike it is.

Hushovd is familiar with S-series from Cervelo, after all, he won the WC on a S3 some nine months ago.
This S5 FM70 appears to be even more aero, and according to Hushovd himself, interviewed by, saying the bike is "very stiff and responsive." The bike is so fresh that it arrived in Norway from Toronto via London a couple of days ago. A special engineer was sent from Italy to set up the bike properly. The UCI approved the bike on Friday.
Aero you said?

Photo by Kristoffer Øverlie Andersen, downloaded here

The interview Hushovd did and some more pictures can be found here, at The text is in Norwegian but that is manageable.


  1. If aero and stiffness can pair up, why not!
    Price is correct for a change ( $3800 for frame)
    S3 were just above most middle class cyclist income

  2. Anonymous; Hi, yes, the prices these days are stiff. Cycling has become very "fashionistic" the last years. A friend of mine put a lot money into a good frame, and change only wheels and of course gears as they wear out. This way he keeps his expenses low.

    I think this is a good idea instead of buying a 5000$ bike every second year...