Sunday, 5 June 2011

The 2011 edition of the Giro - a brief review

Stage 20 - from Giro d'Italia website

Been thinking a lot about what my thoughts are regarding this years giro. Actually, my thoughts are divided; the tragic death of Wouter Weylandt was a reminder of the dangers in this sport and how small the margins are and I thought it cast a shadow on this race and the sport as well.

On the other hand, the giro provided us with spectacular racing and a scenery which really opened my eyes to Italy and cycling. Before you start ranting, allow me to clarify. The race for the pink jersey was over at Etna, but cycling, to me, is more than the race for the top spot on the podium. So I really enjoyed the race. I have highlighted some of the things I think is worth remember from this years giro:

  • The never ending climbs which scared 3/4 of the peloton
  • The scenery along the course
  • Contador total dominance
  • Rujano being under Contador's wings
  • Contador's maturing, giving three victories away 
  • Cavendish, Kristoff and all the others hanging on team cars up mount Etna
  • Nibali helicoptered to his hotel in order to get as much rest as possible (didn't work out according to plan btw)
  • The stage passing the colle delle Finestre was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to the terrain, snow and the insane amount of tifosi standing there.
  • Giro d'Italia setting the standard on social media - just fantastic to those of us who have to go to work
  • How the cycling world remembering WW on the stage after his tragic accident and the way his team crossed the finish line with Farrar
  • #108 WW

Anything I have missed?

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