Thursday, 26 April 2012

Contador advertising more than ever

There is a difference between pay and income for cyclists. As described earlier by the always to the point INRNG, the average annual salary for cyclists is €264,000. Of course, this does not reflect reality. Only a handful of the riders earn this kind of money, and then I haven't even described the financial situation for the female riders.

Riders need to make money doing other things beside just riding bikes, after all, prize money and image rights aside, there is more money in advertising and personal deals and sponsorships. I'll write more on that later, on the new blog.

Today I learned that Geraint Thomas is doing an advert for wristbands, that is so last year, isn't it?

Another thing I learned today was that Alberto Contador may be banned from cycling, or at least banned from competing, but I seem to notice Contador everywhere I look these days. Is the man more popular among (Spanish) companies than ever? Some would say he probably need the money now more than ever before, with the legal bills he had the last couple of years.

You all have seen the pictures of Omega Pharma- Quickstep advertising for pillows? Here you have Alberto Contador advertising for a mattress:

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