Friday, 5 August 2011

#FF on the blog for a change

As most of you already know, my last posts from the tour and up until now is found on, a new site dedicated to cycling. Humour and some good analysis/comments to be found there, from @UCI_Overlord to @sofaboy and @autofact.

I will try to post some of my post here as well, to have this site "up-to-speed" when I return full time to this blog.

I tend to give #FFs a bit random on twitter, a bit uncertain of every use of the microbloggingsphere I guess. Those of you who follow my tweets will probably know who I enjoy to interact with. However, there are others as well...

I love to discover new things and to learn, that also applies on twitter and in the cycling world in general. That's what I enjoy the most on twitter; to get inspired, educated, meaningful discussions (both to watch and be a part of), by people from all over the world. Stories, news, comments, analysis. 

How fantastic is that? Interact with people all over the globe in a blink of an eye.
Sometimes, twitter takes too much time. There are others around me who wants a part of me, and I have to choose my time spent on the internet in accordance with this. Get me right, it's not actually even a choice to make, as I have a clear understanding of what's important in life. This is just to inform you why I sometimes go underground.

This time I chose to do something new in terms of #FFs, posted here on the blog. Sorry for no hyperlinks, but that would ahve taken too much time. If you see someone you don't follow, search them up and add.

#FF news:

#FF people in no particular order:
@daveno7, @dimspace, @SSbike, @sitdowninfront, @cycletard, @flammecast, @sofaboy, @irishpeloton, @gekke82, @LeeBoyman, @FlashingPedals, @GiusiVirelli, @BikeTart, @podiuminsight, @Queenofthecols, @leguape, @euanlindsay, @Sprinting4signs, @jon_cannings, @_Gavia_, @_mattio, @gematkinson, @ShaunaSmash, @CleoPompom, @thomas_lequipe, @inrng, @micacquarone, @velocb @Cyclopathic, @jeremyrauch, @humphr, @jeffvolkmer @chestnut38, @festinagirl @MonaLS85, @pllb, @quinn_e, @arlo_m, @abandonedbike, @jennyvelo, @propulse, @jenscer, CycleGirl108, @peletonmagazine, @reitbakk.

#FF humour:

#FF photographers (they are incredible):

I am 100% percent sure I left someone who didn't deserve it out in the cold. So, for those of you who is not there - sorry! Fix that next time then.

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