Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wristbands - in memory of Wouter Weylandt at ATOC

Alex Dowsett wristband - from his twitter

The American company, Road ID, who make ID wristbands, has given personal wristbands to the peloton of Amgen Tour of California in memory of Wouter Weylandt, who lost his life in a tragic accident during the giro. This is a good thing to do and will probably be an object many will use in the years to come. Weylandt was a popular rider in the peloton, the riders all know eachother and know the small margins that is out there on the road.
Wristbands are known to be popular in cycling, Livestrong wristbands have long been a familiar sight in the peloton. All riders in the World Tour is rumoured to get a wristband, not only those competing in ATOC.

Road ID wristbands is ment to tell a story in case of an accident where the owner can't speak his/herself. They may have the owners name, telephone number to the rider and a designated point of contact, bloodtype and other important data. Wristband is not the only solution either, they have ankleband and ID for the shoe pouch. Not only for cyclists here, runners and triathletes co use one of these as well.

Many cycling fans have asked whether these wristbands will be available to the others as well. As of yet, this has not been the case. This could be a nice thing to do, establish a charity or organisation in cooperation with his family. The money from the sale of these wristbands could be given to a purpose they decide.

Safety first.

RIP Wouter Weylandt.

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