Thursday, 16 December 2010

About cycling and about me

"Cycling is a perfect form of escapism and of nostalgia. It is such a simple action, yet one of the hardest things we learn to do as a young child. But what a breakthrough when we can finally ‘fly’ on two wheels, for so many of us it was a gateway to freedom as a child. As an adult, it brings back that pure joy from so many years before, even though we may not be conscious of this. As for the ‘attraction’ of suffering, I believe this too comes from something deep inside. We lead an existence, in our privileged western world, which seldom inflicts crisis upon us, at least on a physical plane. Through extreme sporting exploits we connect back to a primitive part of ourselves: stand up and fight or lie down and roll over. It allows us to achieve a sense of self-pride that is often so hard for us to find in ‘normal’ life. Or accept defeat humbly with a vow to return and try again." 

These words are from an interview a cyclist named Phil Deeker did for Rapha. The interview as a whole can be read here.

These words describes to the fullest my thoughts on why I love cycling. I'm merely an amateur, an average cyclist who simply can't get enough of it. News, races, interviews, I follow them all. From a distance that is, as a full time job, a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter claims what's rightfully theirs. There have been some vacations to France in July, I have to admit. Next project is a trip to one of the great classics.

Why cycling

My passion for cycling began some years ago, much because of the coverage of le tour made by Norwegian TV2. Hours of great scenery combined with skilled commentators who not only focused on the sport but on France and cycling history and great athletes, made me hooked. And of course, if it wasn't for Norwegian riders like Thor Hushovd and Kurt Asle Arvesen, my interest would perhaps not been so profound, at least not so fast. The interest for cycling in Norway is and have been booming, many new riders have made it into the PRO lines, among them Edvald Boasson Hagen who grew up near my hometown. And that is all we have in common, that's for sure. I consider myself lucky since my wife also is a great fan of the sport as well. That makes a lot of things much easier, our family holidays to France included.

Phil Deeker describes the suffering in cycling as something he enjoy the most. As I read his thoughts, I also rely on the "fun parts" he's talking about. The escapism from the daily hustle and bustle, the anticipation before and the feeling during and after an outdoor workout, the simplicity of just getting out the door and go somewhere, anywhere. It is a happy smile on my face when I walk in the door after a ride, that's for sure.

How to reach me

Please send me an email to I will appreciate any feedback from you, either on this blog, on twitter or by email. I cannot promise you an answer right away, but I'll never ignore you on purpose.

Hope you will enjoy reading this blog. I will focus on tips & tricks, news & stories, a bit on clothing and equipment. As I mentioned I'm not a very experienced rider. I love riding my bike for recreational rides and for training. Competing has and will take place, but sporadic. You are hereby warned, I do not represent any formula for success but predicts merely an alternative perspective to you.


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